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太極研究學社屬下各個分社 春季班 將於1月21日開課 (週三夜班- 是全年班將於9月6日開課) . All ITCA chapters Spring 2018 classes will start on/after January 21th, 2018 (Weekday Evening Class is whole year class  will start on 9/6/2017).

2018年太極拳夏令營將於6月2日開課,  Summer Camp will start on 6/2/2018.  


因氣候因素停課通知 School Closing due to Inclement Weather

蒙郡公立學校 Montgomery County Public Schools
電話 Telephone: 240-777-2706
網址 Website:

郝郡公立學校 Howard County Public Schools
電話 Telephone: 410-313-6660
網址 Website:

費郡公立學校 Fairfax County Public Schools
網址 Website:

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