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Institute of Tai Chi Arts (ITCA) was established by the late Master, Tom Tang in 1992. It is a federal-registered non-profit organization. Our mission is to promote Tai Chi Chuan and help members to improve their health.

The classes we offer include Cheng Man Ching's 37 form, Yang's long form, sword, push hand, san shou, and joint exercise. We meet regularly in Maryland (Columbia, Rockville, and Silver Spring) and Virginia (Falls Church). The weekend program normally starts one week after the Labor Day and ends the following year, one week after the Memorial Day. The weekday programs are year-round except August. Since 1997, we began offering summer camp in June and July.

The fee of membership for our program is rather inexpensive. Our major expense is renting out the facilities used for Tai Chi classes. All of our instructors and supporting staff are volunteers receiving no compensations. ITCA is open to the public. Anyone who is interested in learning Tai Chi Chuan is welcome and can become a member of ITCA. Experience in Tai Chi Chuan is not required.